f&fcoverLike the prairies that populate many of these poems, life often must be burned back to make way for growth. Lisa Hase-Jackson strikes the flinty surfaces of living and ignites a fire that both clarifies and illuminates. Spanning divorce, single motherhood, individuality, and love, FLINT AND FIRE is a collection that burns with brave and honest beauty. Says Denise Duhamel, “Lisa Hase-Jackson’s poems are poems of survival—elegantly crafted testimonials, gorgeously empathetic narratives. She pays wildly democratic witness to addiction, racism, mental illness, incarceration, women’s shelter pamphlets, and subsidized apartment complexes. An important, fearless, beautiful, wholly American debut.” ~ Amy Fleury

Copies available from Small Press Distribution and Amazon.

Signed copies may be ordered from Buxton Books in downtown Charleston, SC or by contacting Lisa.