Susan TeculveIn this workshop, Lisa Hase-Jackson creates a safe, inclusive community of people who aspire to excavate, and refine, the material of their lives into working poems, essays, and stories. She provides useful prompts, and guides each member of the group with insights that are at once expert, and light handed. I am enjoying this workshop tremendously. It is an absolute sanctuary for artists and writers of all levels.

-Susan Tekulve, author of In the Garden of Stone and Second Shift

* * * * *

Rebecca AronsonLisa was the facilitator of a writing group I belonged to during a fallow time between the publication of my first book and the still-far-off birth of my second book. I had been absorbed into parenting and teaching, and I had not been writing; Lisa’s invitation to join the group was just what I needed. As a workshop leader, Lisa is wonderful. She is an excellent and insightful reader, just the right mix of appreciation and thoughtful questioning for what a poem is trying to do. She has an ability to identify the beating heart (or sometimes the barely discernible pulse) of a piece of writing, even when the author herself is uncertain. I recommend her as an editor or consultant, a workshop leader, a private tutor: any writer who has Lisa in their corner will be the better for it. 

-Rebecca Aronson, author of Creature, Creature; Ghost Child of the Atalanta Bloom; and Anchor (forthcoming)

* * * * *

Thank you, Lisa! Your academic perspective, along with your wealth of prompts and literary references, has been so stimulating… The workshop is pushing my poetry forward in just the ways I’d hoped for. It couldn’t have come at a better time!

-Susan Craig, Poet and workshop participant