“33rd and Southwest Trafficway”

there were two men knocking on the door that night
when my mother answered the door

two men breaching the door-chain that night
when my mother came to the door

there were two men pushing my mother into the living room
that night because she is so small

two men pushing her into the bedroom that night
my mother’s very small

and no one heard the banging
and no one heard the  screaming
and no one used the phone that night
to tell the police to hurry

just those two men pushing my mother
pushing her onto our bed

two men saying strange things that night
pushing my mother onto the bed

and when they saw a child that night
pop up from the blankets warm

there were two men surprised that night
in the face of a sleepless child

two men who stopped that night
in the eyes of a wakened child

and when those two men ran away that night
my mother heard them swear

that those two men didn’t know anything that night
about there being a kid

those two men disappeared that night
running from what they did