“This Town”

Downtown Main Street
looks pretty much the same.
The square’s perimeter
still dotted with wrought iron benches
repainted glossy black
every year, folks preferring talk
over business. And while flowers
planted along the courthouse steps are new,
they are still pink geraniums and white petunias.
Store-front windows are thicker at the bottom
than they used to be and the Christmas wreath
in the antique mall, mired in wood smoke
and dust, is perennial now. I stopped
at Koger’s five and dime, (flour sack
towels are still four for a dollar)
and saw a high school crush
cruising the automotive aisle. He didn’t see me,
or at least pretended not to. Probably still rides
his Harley to town weekends.
Burns’s have lost another son, if the church
marquee is any indication. Folks’ll bring casseroles
and fresh baked bread to the memorial, finish
their spring planting then help at harvest
if needed, being sure to note this
on their feed store calendars tacked
with alphabet magnets to their fridges
back home.